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Table of Contents

We write this book for API product managers and people who want to manage API as a product. This is the table of contents of the API Product Management book.

We invite you to tell us what content and info is relevant for you and what we are missing. Become an early adopter today and help us shape this book.

Part I – Setting the Stage

Paradigm Shift: From API to Value Proposition Interface

  • API vs VPI
  • VPI as a novel perspective how API can create business value.

Two Breeds of API: API Product and API Solution

  • Digitalization vs Digital Transformation
  • What is an API product?
  • What is the Business Value of API Product?
  • How does API product drive Digital Transformation
  • What is an API Solution?
  • What is the Business Value of API Solution?
  • How does API solution drive Digitalization

Part II – The API Product Strategy

API Product Features

  • Introduction to the API Product Board
  • Identify the Customer with the Value Proposition Interface Canvas
  • Define the Product Features
  • Evaluate the Business Context

API Product Revenues

  • Competitors Landscape
  • Estimate the Costs Structure
  • Define Revenues and Savings model
  • Consider the Business Goals

API Product Roadmap

  • Introduction to the API Product Roadmap
  • Planning Releases and their Goals and Metrics
  • Distribute and Prioritize the Product Features
  • Fill the API Product Backlog: From Product Features to API Features

API Product Communication

  • Setup Communication Strategy: The Stakeholders Management
  • Introduce Communication Tools: The Product Brief
  • Maintain the Product Lifecycle Curve
  • Define the API Product KPIs

Part III – The API Product Development

Value Proposition Interface Canvas

  • How to discover the value proposition of an API?
  • How to transform the API into a VPI?
  • Method & Tooling

Agile API Product Development

  • How to develop API products?
  • Lean Approach for API products, prototype-first validation, and analytics-driven verification
  • How to collect customer feedback?
  • How to measure relevant KPIs?
  • How and what to analyze in an API product?
  • Method & Tooling


  • What are good KPIs for API products?

Hierarchy of API Design Principles

  • What are API Design Principles
  • How to make the right API design decisions

Daily API Pitch

  • How to engage engineering team with API product?
  • How to pitch an API product?
  • How to improve the API quality?

Part IV – Closing

This book is intended for you, only for you. Take it as an invitation to share your feedback with us about what you miss and would like to see, like, and don’t. We highly appreciate your feedback because our goal is to share with you our experiences, knowledge, and methods that help you building great value from APIs for your customers.

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  • Paradigm of Change model to understand API products for Digtal Transformation and API solutions for Digitalisation

Two Breeds of API: API Products and API Solutions

Everybody is talking about APIs, API products in particular, and its key role in digitalisation and digital transformation. Generally, we associate APIs with agility, rapid innovation, business transformation and digitalisation. No wonder that everybody wants [...]

“When you start to manage APIs as an interface to a value proposition, then your start managing an API product.”

API Product Management Methodologies