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What is Early Access?

We want to provide you the methods as early as possible one by one. This is what agility is all about: provide continuous value from the start.

For that reason, we publish the API Product Management book even if it is not yet finished. This also allows you to provide us valuable feedback about what aspects we miss that are important for you.

Register for free as an early adopter to influence and get access to the early book content about API Product Management.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I tell you what I’m missing in the chapter? 2017-11-26T08:43:27+00:00

Please us the comment section of the corresponding blog article to share with us what you miss in the chapter. We’ll incorporate in the next version of the chapter.

Where can I get the final book? 2017-11-26T08:42:56+00:00

You can get the e-book of API Product Management from Leanpub. Following the agile principle, we publish the book step-by-step to provide you the methods and tools that help you creating successful API products. We’ll publish the chapters one by one as you know it from agile software development feature by feature.

How do I provide feedback? 2017-11-26T08:42:23+00:00

Please use the comment section of the particular chapter (or rather blog article) for which you want to provide your thoughts, ideas, needs, and feedback. That way, others can join the discussion too and influence the final result.

How do I get access to the early book content? 2017-11-26T08:39:41+00:00

We publish the early book content as blog articles first to get your feedback and provide you ideas and methods you can already use. In the Table of Contents, we find all chapters we plan for the API product management book. Some link already blog articles, which will form the book content. Follow the links to access single chapters. As early adopter, you get access to all early chapter drafts.

Get Ready to Read, Apply, and Provide Feedback