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We believe in creating value for customers on the basis of APIs. Applying the concept product management to API development is the crucial factor to build APIs that solve a relevant customer problem, scale, and are profitable. However, applying product management to create API-based products is not straightforward.

We met in 2015 and founded an API squad at the largest Swiss telecom company. Both of us have an entrepreneurial background, particularly in the startup scene.

We applied, invented, tested, and refined methods in practice to create API products. As a result, we defined an API Product Management methodology to create  API products, which we want to share with you.

Andrea Zulian
Andrea ZulianSenior Product Manager, Swisscom AG
Andrea helps companies and organizations to succeed in their digital journey applying Lean methodologies and intrapreneurship. As Team Leader and Senior API Product Manager for a leading telecommunications company in Europe, he developed and used the API Product Management methodology launching successful digital products for the digital economy.
Dr. Amancio Bouza
Dr. Amancio BouzaPrincipal Consultant, ipt, Innovation Process Technology AG
Amancio has received his PhD for his thesis on recommender systems, machine learning, and Semantic Web. He has several years of experience in tech startups, IT companies, and companies across different industries as Enterpreneur, Product Manager, Product Owner, Technical Lead, and Software Engineer


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