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Product Strategy and Execution for the Digital Economy

Valuable and accessible products and services are the most important assets for any business, especially in the digital economy.

Through clear step-by-step explanations and real-life examples, you’ll learn the foundations of the API Product Management methodology.

It will help you to create, launch, and run digital products customers love.

Ultimately, the API is about the interface to the value proposition, not to the application.

— Amancio Bouza

Table of Contents

Find out more about the API Product Management methodology: approaches, practices, and methods.

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Early Adopters
API Product Management Book

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We publish approaches, methods, and practices of our API Product Management methodology as early access.

That way, you can apply them as early as possible and we may get your valuable feedback to improve the content.

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We are working on APIs and API products for several years, and throughout that time we have been in search of a way for building successful API products that make the difference.

We started sharing the learnings of our API journey and API product management methodology on various occasions such as the APIDays.io with great reactions.

Our mission is to help product leaders to create business and customer value with API products. To this goal, we are writing the API Product Management book.

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Andrea Zulian
Andrea ZulianSenior Product Manager, Swisscom AG
Dr. Amancio Bouza
Dr. Amancio BouzaPrincipal Consultant, Innovation Process Technology AG